• Crossroads (short film)

    Conoco is an East New York gas station located on Pennsylvania Avenue. It faces Starrett City (the nation’s largest subsidized apartment complex), NYC’s biggest Church (soon to build a massive residential complex unaffordable to almost four out of ten East New Yorkers) and a homeless men’s shelter.

    The store is run by brothers Ali and Syed, born in Pakistan. They came to the United States with their family in 1996. Their father started the shop in 1998 until Ali took over. The siblings work seven days a week, with eight-hour rotation shifts. They have been allowing attendant, Red, to live on site for years. He sleeps there most nights, helps out customers in the day, wanders in the neighborhood and attempts to save up to accomplish his dream of moving to Florida.

    The film’s storytelling explores a way of representing people living on the streets using the voices of those they live alongside daily. Syed and Ali talk about Red’s homelessness, the systemic issues behind it, as well as the friendship between these men.

    This work accompanies the still images part of Crossroads.